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Discover a World of Plants

Evergreens is a Garden Centre with a difference!

Carl Cooper (proprietor) has a passion for the unusual and different in the plant world, this ethos has been carried throughout the whole garden centre.

Not many places can boast such a wide diversity of unusual plants. Specialising in Exotics, Carnivorous, large specimen & unusual Evergreen shrubs. In fact as soon as you enter, you will see its a place like no other! If you require inspiration, or just have the need to do something different a visit to Evergreens is a must!

We try as much as possible to source plants from similar climates to the UK - such places as Italy, New Zealand, Japan for example. We feel just because our plants are different, they still need to be suited to the UK climate as much as we can.

As Evergreens is a family run and owned business you will clearly see that the stock is of premium quality, it is commonly known some garden centres neglect their stock. However at Evergreens our stock is our business. By using top quality compost (our own special mixture) with added feeds and additives to ensure healthy pest free plants. Throughout the nursery all stock is watered with natural spring water and regular feeding which ensures you are taking home a plant with the very best chance of survival.

About Evergreens Garden Centre

Evergreens propagates its own stock, many items are not commercially for sale in other nurseries for example; Myosotidium hortensia (Chatham island forget me not), Leonotis nepeteafolia (Lions Ear) & Darlingtonia californica (Cobra lily) we are always searching for unusual species to "enable you to create your own patch of paradise at home"

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